May 22 min

8 Inspiring Things for a Bride to do for her Groom on Father's Day

No matter how long us Brides have been married, picking up the dry cleaning or filling the dishwasher just doesn't cut it for our Grooms on Father's Day gift. That "To Do" list will just have to wait for another day. Things for a wife to do on father's day are special and celebratory of the fact that this man is your husband and the father of your kids. So, if you are ready, here are some of the many things for a wife to do on Father's Day:

Provide your husband with an insane amount of money. Believe it or not, your husband puts off buying little things he needs for the good of the family many times, too. So, giving him some money specifically for purchasing what he wishes, he will feel okay about buying that new pair of khakis or the DVD he's wanted for months.

Have him plan a Night on the Town that you pay for! Most times when couples enjoy a date night, the bride does the choosing of the restaurant and movie. This Father's Day let your husband make all the decisions and treat him to it all!

Surprise him with a Vacation Day. Plan an outing to the beach, the park or a nearby zoo! Then, contact your husband's boss and tell him he will be taking the Friday before or the Monday after Father's Day off! To make it a real surprise, don't inform your husband until he gets up for breakfast!

Go get His Car, truck or SUV cleaned and waxed + add an oil change for a total vehicle make-over. Since the men of the house are normally the ones responsible for car maintenance, this will not only be a surprise, but a truly appreciated gift.

Send him off for a weekend. Send him to a Men's Retreat, out fishing with friends, or anywhere he can relax and rejuvenate.

Put Aside Money all Year so you can buy that really expensive gift he wants! Even if you don't make much, setting aside a little each paycheck can really add up! Make sure this fund is strictly for Father's Day, so you aren't tempted to tap into it for groceries. Each year, a nice sum will be available to buy your husband that extravagant gift he really wants!

Give him some "Alone Time." Set aside a whole day that your husband can do as he pleases. Send him off to golf, play basketball, hang out with his dog or have an all day poker party with his friends. Let him know you can hold down the fort and the kids while he enjoys himself.

Plan A Night in. When kids are in the picture, intimacy is not always on the top of your list. Make sure for Father's Day you make romance the #1 priority. Send the kids to mom and dad's for the day and prepare a candlelight dinner, followed by cuddling on the couch in front of your favorite movie, followed by a bedroom rendezvous.

The options for things for a bride to do on Father's Day are limitless. Just ask your groom what you can do to make that day the most special day of the year.