In short, the personal work of

Tamyia “Tugené” Davis,

Davis Inspiration Studios is

a result of her dance, 

business and creative work

experiences for more than 

20 years. Dancing since the

age of two, African dance

quickly became the strongest

interest for Tugené once she got a

taste of it in high school.  When her college career began at Howard University, under her professors Assane Konte and Kidiatou Konte Forte, her passion was fully ignited!

As an Art Administrator she is well versed from the arts to business. In 2015 she became an insurance broker and in six months gained over 100 clients.  She enjoys hosting large scale events from 500-10,000 event-goers. 


Needless to say, she is very ambitious. She loves being a mom of two daughters, the wife of a screenwriter, baking, learning French and being a daughter of the King of kings!

But here is the longer story....


Having been in business at a very young age, Tugené finished her bachelor's degree from Howard University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts Administration, a Business and Entertainment degree. Her versatile background from business to performance has given her experiences ranging from Nordstrom and Black Entertainment Television to church sanctuaries of the Inland Empire and the Apollo Theatre of New York. The versatility of her background has given her triple threat talents in voice, dance and acting exciting opportunities in film and public speaking.


At the age of two, Tugené immediately attracted an overwhelming crowd while dancing to music playing at a shopping mall. Known personally and professionally as Tugené [Too-GUH-Nay] (Toogie, for short), a powerful and energetic dancer, she committed her talents to Washington, DC Metro Area's largest stage: Howard University's Cramton Auditorium. It was there where 5 years would turn college life into a catalyst for future hopes and endeavors to last a lifetime. At Cramton she not only performed but worked in administrative capacities with Patti Labelle, Chaka Chan, Wu-Tang and other artists in management, lighting and stage for local, nationwide and globally televised special events.

Tugené humbly accepts the honor to have worked with renowned and talented artists, professors and instructors such as the aforementioned, Al Freeman Jr., Vera Katz, the late Mike Malone, Denise Saunders-Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, Kirk Franklin, Karen Clark-Sheard and Destiny's Child to name a few. With such exposure, her college experience truly refined her inspiration to be a performer and entrepreneur.  An Evening of Dance: From Africa to the Mecca featuring a cast of 40 dancers with guest performance by Kankouran West African Dance Company is one of the greatest marks she left at Howard as well as choreographing for the Inaugural Excellence Awards & Bison Ball.

Having been privileged to work with Stellar Award Nominee Saxophonist Ron Brown, England's Top Chart Artist Tiffany Makeda as well as critically acclaimed musical virtuosos & worship arts duo Greg & Ruth Hooper...Tugené counts her blessings.  After her work on Ki-Ci and JoJo Come Clean she began her study of film editing and directing.  She has since directed more than 10 short films leading her to become a signatory producer with SAG-AFTRA.

As a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated, Tugené lends her time and service to her hometown in the Pasadena communities.  She volunteers her time as the founder and chair of the Altadena Arts Magnet PTA Film and Theatre Production Committee.  She is always looking for ways to make the dreams of others come true and has done so as a board member of Help For Stroke, charter member of the Howard University Alumni Club of the Inland Empire and curator of #BlacksInTheArts.  In her everyday life Tugené is a full time wife and mommy of two girls under 6.

She has her hands full but for fun Tugené enjoys quality time with friends and family at home and across the country, enjoys baking and crafting. Raised in Christ under the ministry of Chuck Singleton, as an artist, Tugené is one who entertains and educates with passion, conviction and purpose!