Join us at our host facility, Elements Dance Space in Pasadena, for this exciting dance class for ages 5-6 on Saturdays from 1:30-2:20pm.  Expression, Rythm and Coordination is the focus of this age group as they learn the basics of movement through Ballet, African Dance and Friendship. Use coupon code FIRSTCLASS at checkout to take your first class free!


All classes we currently offer are growing as we're on track to open our facility in 2020.  This means, as we grow, you get the benefit of taking private to semi-private classes at group class rates. This gives you the advantage of having personalized instruction shaped to you or your dancer's needs while we grow the class you select below. Over time, if you become too spoiled with the personalized attention of a small class, you can always take a private lesson.

If you know you'll be taking several classes with us. Consider buying  classes in bulk.

Doodley Dee Dance Class for 5-6 year olds