Our Dance Philosophy: Dance has made DIS. It will always be the art that keeps us grounded in all that we do. In every class, our instructional environment is centered on developing relational bonds that build friendships and encourages independence in a competitive market. For us, technical skill is secondary to being an artist capable of surviving the complex nature of contributing to the larger good of the world. Our goal is the whole artist, not just their technical skills.   

Classes designed for artists of the AFRICAN DIASPORA

Classes designed for artists exploring COMMERCIAL fun

Classes designed for artists INSPIRED by CHRIST

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We are always in need of studio time consistent with traditional peak hours for dance studios. Because we are mobile, we are subjected to off- peak hours. For these reasons, in the event we are able to obtain studio time closer to peak hours, class times may be adjusted.  If your class time or location changes, we will notify you at least 48 hours in advance. 
*These classes do not require a commitment unless it is taken with a Showmanship class. **These classes require a commitment in addition to a drop in class.