Affectionately known as DIS, we are focused on developing the whole artist.  Our mission is focused on addressing the problematic epidemic of artists being unprepared for life’s realities while being a creative.  Many artists face homelessness, depression as well as drastic ups and downs through the gig lifestyle.  

We understand why many parents encourage their artists to have a “back up plan” when they leave home.  However, we believe Plan B is invited because a concrete Plan A is not in place.


As we develop artists, we train with the expectation our artists will fall in love with their craft. As they do, we want to ensure as they learn their craft, they equally learn how to remain creative and flourish through life’s eventualities.


To diversify an artist’s skill set with artistic literacy in order for them to be financially independent and have interchangeability in the arts around the world.



Through art and life planning, we inspire creative entrepreneurs from children to adults. We provided art and life planning classes, events, tools and resources for artists to learn and execute their craft for their short and long term goals. 




African dance and film. For life planning, we specialize in college prep, etiquette and insurance services for artists.




Our first dance class started January 5, 2019!  When 3-year-old Mycah asked for dance classes in 2018, Tugené jumped at the opportunity to begin building a comprehensive creative environment where her daughter and her growing friends could learn how to excel as creatives.  Our second class was formed when Mycah's sister Ariyah, at age two, asked for her own class in late 2019.  

Classes have grown from one class in 2019 to six classes by January 2020.  We are members of the International Association of Blacks in Dance. In 2019 we held four Friendship Days taking our artists to see professional and pre-professional productions while getting to know each other as well as hosted two Open House events with four planned in 2020.  In 2020 we became home to one of the nation’s few Ameature Athletic Union (AAU) Dance Sport Clubs. 


DIS has quickly become a community of friends and artists from the students who learn to the parents who bring them!




The personal work of Tamyia “Tugené” Davis, DIS is a result of her dance, business and creative work experiences for more than 20 years. Dancing since the age of two, African dance quickly became the strongest interest for Tugené once she got a taste of it as a high schooler then as her college career began at Howard University.


A BFA graduate as an Art Administrator she is well versed from the arts to business. In 2015 she became an insurance broker and in six months gained over 100 clients.  She enjoys hosting large scale events from 500-10,000 event-goers.  


Needless to say, she is very ambitious.  She loves being a mom of two daughters, the wife of a screenwriter, baking and learning French.